Top 4 Tips for Hurricane Pet Safety

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Hurricane Pet Safety

When there is a hurricane, pet safety should be one of the priorities of any responsible pet owner. Pets are actually an important part of the family for most people. Once you learn on the news that a storm will hit, these are the following tips you should immediately keep in mind to keep our family intact and safe.

Hurricane Safe Location

Finding a Safe Location

The first thing to consider on your list of hurricane pet safety is to find a safe place for you, your family, and your pet or pets to evacuate to. If the place is not safe for you, it will be just as dangerous for our pets. Calling the hotel or shelter is one way to make sure the place is safe. Ask about their policies or available facilities that will make your trip and moving to a safer place easier.

Some hotels or motels do not allow pets. In case you cannot find a suitable hotel, your next best option would be to contact your local shelter. Inquire about whether or not they provide foster care. If this option is still a dead end, it is time to turn to friends and family outside the area where you live who can look after your pets.

 Pet Travelling Bag

Prepare Traveling Supplies and Kits

It is important to be prepared for most of your pets’ needs when you travel. Make sure you have their leashes ready, disposable litter trays, water bowls, food bowls, crates, carriers, and whatever they may need while traveling. Make sure to pack pet food for at least 3 days. Being over prepared when it comes to the safety of your pets is better than being caught off guard when the need arises.

Staying Inside

Keep your pet in its carrier or on a leash if it is possible to stay inside. However, be prepared just in case local authorities advise everyone in your area to evacuate. If you manage to avoid evacuation, you still do not want to risk having your pet run away. It is very important to secure your pet before the storm. 

Pet Rescue

Returning Home

The evacuation or permanently moving away from home will change the environment your pets are used to. That is why it is important to give them time to settle back home and into the things they were used to doing. You want to make your pets feel that they are in a safe haven.

It is never a good idea to leave your pets home and should be the last resort after you have exhausted all your other options. In this situation, get a rescue alert sticker to notify rescue workers that pets are inside your house. That is why it is important to make plans not only to keep yourself safe, but everyone in the family before a hurricane. Pet safety must always be considered, whether you choose to stay in or are forced to evacuate, it is also important to keep calm. If you feel panic, your pets will be able to sense that. 

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